Posted by Fred Nasseri on Apr 12, 2018
My name is Fred Nasseri, and I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club since 1989. 
I immigrated from Persia when I was a young chap, and I left behind a world where many people would watch out for themselves without necessarily watching out for the other guy. This was completely opposite to the way I was raised by my parents, and I promised myself that as soon as I was in a position to help my community to be a better place to live, I would do just that.
America and this community gave me the chance, and it’s a promise I have never forgotten.
Today my family and I live in Poway, and I’m blessed to have built a successful business in Rancho Bernardo over the past 38 years. As the owner of Unicorn Jewelry I am regularly approached to help non-profits throughout the region, and I’m always happy to help where I can.
I see these opportunities as a chance to build bridges and to spread goodwill…not just to improve my business’ visibility, but as deeds that help the needs of humanity as it should be. I know each of the non-profit groups we help through Unicorn Jewelry, my personal efforts, or Rotary International will help to heal the world a little bit. And I firmly believe if enough people take a positive attitude towards healing the world, it will actually become a better place for all of our future generations.
I’ve brought this attitude with me to the RB Sunrise Rotary, where I sit with people of different faiths, different beliefs and different political persuasions. We talk, work together, and find common ground to act as a cohesive force helping to solve community problems. My hope is that by being part of a multi-national structure like Rotary, tomorrow truly will be a better day for us all.