Posted by Al Watson on Jul 23, 2018
My name is Al Watson. I’m retired, and have been a member of the Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club since it was founded in 1987.
I joined Rotary for a simple reason; I was asked. Attending a meeting, I found a room full of professionals all sharing the single mission of finding ways to make the world a better place to live.
Over the years I’ve seen the club double in size. Some of today’s members are original founders like me, others are new faces, arriving and usually staying for years. Along the way the flavor of the room has changed a bit, becoming more casual as time goes on.
Yet even as the profile of our Rotary club became younger and more diverse, the people in that room have remained consistent in their desire to help the immediate community, as well as the larger world around us.
I’ve seen this group raise money for disaster victims on the other side of the world, build houses for the homeless, and deliver meals to the hungry. They’ve worked hard to ensure clean water, improved education, and expanded opportunities for one and all.
And though I’m a spiritual man, I like and respect that this organization is secular and non-partisan. I find myself sitting next to people of various faiths and no faith, and of every political stripe. We like each other and respect each other, contributing and working side-by-side for a greater good.
Over the years I’ve developed some of my closest friendships in the RB Sunrise Rotary. We’ve been there for each in good times and bad, and it’s an experience I wouldn’t give up for anything.
So knowing that the reason I discovered this wonderful group of people was because I was invited, I’m extending the same opportunity to you.
Please join us some Tuesday morning and see what’s so great about this club that I’ve been sticking around for the past 30 years. We meet almost every Tuesday morning at the RB Country Club on Greens East Road in RB. Stop by at 7am, and I guarantee you’ll be done by 8:30.
Or learn more at You’ll be glad you did.