l-r: President Mike Moffat, Foundation Chair Jeanne MacLaren, Nasrin Barbee, Dale Long, PDG Carl Kruse
Rancho Bernardo Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club recognized two of its members on May 14 for their generosity to the Rotary Foundation.  Once a member achieves an initial Paul Harris Fellowship Award for donating $1000 to the Rotary Foundation, a recognition pin is awarded each time the member donates an additional $1000 to the foundation.  The continuing recognitions are the way that the Rotary Foundation thanks a member for their continuing support of the work of the foundation. 
Nasrin Barbee received her recognition pin for having donated an additional $6000 to the foundation through her continuing regular donations.  Dale Long was recognized for having donated an additional $8000 to date through his continuing support of the foundation. 
It is the continuing support of the foundation by members such as Dale and Nasrin that the Rotary Foundation can be the outstanding funding source to support the many projects that Rotarians around the world can do to change lives by eliminating polio, providing clean water, providing access to health services to name just a few areas.  Thank you Dale and Nasrin for your ongoing support.  You are making a difference!