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Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary has partnered with the Urge Gastropub in Rancho Bernardo to hold an IPA Craft Beer tasting event.  This partnership began several years ago.  This event is Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club's main fundraising event.  The funds raised are used to support the local charities such as PoVa, Abraxis High School, the Humane Society, the YMCA's Mary's House and many others. The many sponsors and donors are also honored in the club's Thanksgiving advertisement in the Rancho Bernardo Journal. (click on the logo to go to the festival website.)  Soon you will see Rancho BEERnardo Festival banners on 50 street light poles in Rancho Bernardo.  
This year for the first time the signature event will be held in Rancho Bernardo at Webb Park.  As in the past, there will be at least at least 50 different IPA beers available for tasting.  All are from San Diego's vibrant craft brewery community,  including a great number from North County San Diego.  In addition to the beer tasting, food will be available for purchase.  The food is from Urge Gastro Pub and their allied restaurants, the Barrel Room and Brothers Provisions.  There will also be games such as Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss and Ladder Ball.
The festival has expanded to a week long celebration of the vibrant craft brewing industry that has sprung up in San Diego and especially San Diego North County.  San Diego is a travel destination for craft beer lovers world wide.

Each day of the festival week, a local restaurant will offer food specials with beer pairings.  In addition, the restaurants will be selling the beer tasting event tickets!
Here is the lineup for Rancho BEERnardo Restaurant Week:
Athens Market Cafe on Monday, Oct 17
Brothers Provisions on Tuesday, Oct 18
The Cork and Craft on Wednesday, Oct 19
Carvers Steaks & Chops on Thursday, Oct 20
The Urge Gastropub on Friday, Oct 21
For tickets and more information go to the festival website.

Even as parts of Haiti were still recovering from a catastrophic 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew tore through the impoverished island country 4 October, leaving hundreds dead and many more homeless.
Shelter Kits (green boxes) arriving in Haiti
The Category 4 storm affected an estimated 330,000 people in Haiti, including 6,400 who were moved to temporary shelters. Extensive damage to main bridges and other transportation networks have left some areas cut off and vulnerable. Torrential rains have resulted in flooding and landslides. And contaminated water supplies threaten to lead to a surge in cholera cases and other waterborne illnesses.
A ShelterBox response team of volunteers from Canada, England, New Zealand, and the United States traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, last week to assess the damage and decide how best to help people. ShelterBox, an independent charity, is Rotary's project partner for disaster relief.
Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club Female Leaders
l to r: First row: Trudy Armstrong*, Nasrin Barbee*, Rosemarie Bergdahl, Alison Farrin*, Second row: Sue Herndon, Kendra Jeffcoat* Inan Linton, Jean Loo-Russo, Third Row: Jeanne MacLaren, Susan Marsh, Laura Mello,  Karen Mortimer*, Fourth Row: Kim Muslusky, Laurie Oakland**, Heather Ray, Mary Stanton, Fifth Row: Judith Tronsrue, Tracey Van Putten, Kim Varey, Carolyn Woempler    *past president  **was president twice
The Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo Sunrise was officially chartered on September 19, 1988 after being sponsored by The Rotary Club of Rancho Bernardo. This is the year after women were officially permitted to join Rotary clubs in the United States.  The fourth club president was mortgage company executive Laurie Oakland (1991-1992).  Laurie, a charter member also served as president in 2004-05 and is currently retired and an honorary member.  (See the list of club presidents here.)
In our 29 year history, women have taken many leadership positions and 8 women have served as president.  Currently a third of our 60 club members members are women.  These women are current or former  business and professional leaders in the fields of hospital administration, a college professor in education, architecture, travel office owner, mortgage banking, financial planning, pension plan design and administration, retirement home administration, certified public accounting and various executive positions in nonprofit organizations.
History of Women in Rotary  (See the timeline here.)
After World War II, women who had entered the workforce remained.  These women became leaders in businesses and professions. As early as 1950, the Rotary International Council on Legislation was given a proposed enactment by a club in India to remove the words "male person" from the qualification for membership in a Rotary Club.  This enactment was rejected. 
In 1983 the Rotary Club of Duarte, CA admitted into membership, Dr. Sylvia Whitlock, a local school principle.  When Rotary International discovered that S. Whitlock was Sylvia Whitlock, Rotary revoked the charter of the Duarte Club for violation of the standard Rotary Club bylaw prohibiting female membership.  The Ex-Rotary Club of Duarte promptly sued Rotary International.  Rotary's right to restrict membership was upheld by the trial court. 
However, the Duarte Club appealed this decision to the California Court of Appeals where in 1986, the decision of the trial court was overturned.  The California Supreme Court denied a request to hear the case, which meant that, in California, women had to be admitted as members.  An appeal to the United States Supreme Court resulted in the decison handed down on May 4, 1987 that Rotary clubs may not exclude women as members. 
Rotary then issued a policy statement that any United States Rotary club could admit qualified women into membership. Sylvia Whitlock was elected president of the reinstated Rotary Club in 1987-88 to become the first woman to be a president of a Rotary club.  The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise, California (formerly Larkspur Landing), was chartered on 28 May 1987. It becomes the first club after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to have women as charter members. At the first meeting of the Council on Legislation after the US Supreme Court decision (in 1989), the bylaws were officially changed to remove  the "male only" language in the standard Rotary bylaws for Rotary clubs around the world.

l -r: President Alison Farrin and Jeanne MacLaren
Jeanne MacLaren, RB Sunrise Rotary Foundation Chair, was recognized on Friday evening, June 17, 2016 as Rotarian of the Year.  Jeanne was honored for her leadership in directing the club's fundraising efforts on behalf of the Rotary Foundation.  For the last 2 years we not only maintained our EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) status with every member contribuiting to the Rotary Foundation, but also the club's contributions to the foundation doubled!
It has to be noted that Jeanne has been very busy in the last 2 years. Not only has she contributed greatly to our club, she also took leadership positions at our district.  During most of this time, Jeanne also was the caregiver for her husband, Tom who passed away several months ago. 
We are thrilled to have Jeanne as a member because she brings a passion for Rotary with her.  Jeanne is a past president of a club in northern California and their loss is our gain. 
Congratulations to Jeanne for the richly deserved recognition!

From L to R Segen Ande, Jordyn Silverstone, Kevin Liao, Flynn Steele, Lloyd Trilling
At the Rotary breakfast meeting on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, RB Sunrise member, Lloyd Trilling gave a very informative and moving presentation regarding the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), a Rotary District 5340 all-expenses-paid program for juniors in high school in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  The weekend camp at Idyllwild, California encourages these students to become more effective leaders when they return to high school for their senior year, motivating them to take on additional leadership roles and to find additional ways to serve.
There were between 1200-1800 applications for the prestigious camp but only space at the camp for 279 students.  The camp encourages leadership skills by the students who begin the weekend as strangers.  They are exposed to a diverse group of exceptional speakers, and then worki together in a “family” unit. Participants were divided into families to provide a more intimate learning and sharing experience. The "family" consistis of a Rotarian Facilitator and up to 10 students from different high schools throughout the Rotary District.
Pres. Alison presenting a speaker gift book to be donated to Abraxas High School by Carolyn Ortiz
Carolyn Ortiz, Energy Solutions Advisor from San Diego Gas & Electric (“SDGE”), visited RB Sunrise Rotary on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.  She spoke about upcoming rate changes and customer solutions to make their homes more energy efficient and save money.
Carolyn explained that for 14 years, there were four rate tiers, depending on usage, with tiers 1 and 2, at the lowest. These lower rate tiers were not paying their fair share of associated costs for energy transmisson.  Tiers 3 and 4, on the other hand, were not only paying the highest rates but also subsidizing the lower two rates.
In September 2015, there was the current three-tier structure introduced, with a two-tiered system scheduled to begin April 2016.  However, it has been put on hold until approximately the end of the year.  When it goes into effect, tier 1, the lower paying customers, will see an increase of approximately $1-$7 in their monthly bills, and customers in tier 2 should see an approximate $5-$7 decrease in their monthly bills.
Carolyn spoke about different solutions all customers could do to lower their bills, including SDGE energy-saving assistance programs, technology solutions in purchasing energy-efficient appliances and thermostats, and other online solutions. SDG&E also has available for a short time free, thermostats that can be programmed by using a tablet or smartphone. 

L-r: Community Service Director Nasrin Barbee, Kim Muslusky and RB Sunrise Rotary President Alison Farrin with symbolic check
At their regular meeting on May 17, RB Sunrise Rotary donated $1000 to the Thousand Smiles Foundation. The funds will be used to help fund the quarterly week end trips to their clinic in Ensenada, Mexico.  
The Thousand Smiles Foundation (“the Foundation”) provides free medical treatment to patients with maxillofacial deformities who, without the help of physicians, dentists, and other medical and nonmedical volunteers, would go untreated.  The Foundation promotes bilateral interchange between Rotarians and medical professionals from the United States and the countries in which it works.
Kim Muslusky, RB Sunrise Rotarian and Thousand Smiles volunteer, spoke about how patients come from all over Mexico to receive health care related to clef palates, and other facial deformities, at the Thousand Smiles Screening Clinic and General Hospital in Ensenada, Mexico. Dental patientss are also treated at this clinic.

Past President Karen Mortimer with Viking Hat Man Rob Weinberg. 
On April 30, Kim Muslusky was one of the RB Sunrise Rotary members who helped to organize a toy storage room at Ronald McDonald House.  During that reorganization Kim came upon a Viking Horn Hat.  Kim recognized the fun value of the hat and the volunteer coordinator then gave it to her.
Recipients shack with blanket covering the door
Recipient's newly completed house with windows and lockable door
RB Sunrise Rotarians Jay Riordan, Tracey Van Putten and Alison Farrin gathered with four additional friends and family and crossed the border to build a house on Saturday for a young Couple expecting their first child.  The house build project is a partnership of RB Sunrise Rotary and Project Mercy, a charity that is headquartered in Poway||
l to r: Nasrin Barbee, Alison Farrin, and Erika Ramirez Lee
The YMCA Teens in Motion (TIM) program exists to fulfill the needs of working parents whose teens have aged out of a typical child care setting. Staying home independently is not an option. Working parents who have teenagers and young adults with disabilities are limited in the type of care offered in our community. RB Sunrise Rotary Club at its March 1, 2016 provided a $2000 grant to YMCA's Teens in Motion program in Rancho Bernardo. Community Service Dir. Nasrin Barbee, RB Sunrise Pres. Alison Farrin, and Erika Ramirez Lee, YMCA Program Director Marketing and Family Engagement are shown in the photo above with the facsimile check. 

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Rotary is a leadership organization.
We're made of of local business, professional and civic leaders. 
We meet regularly on Tuesday mornings, get to know each other, form friendships and through that, we're able to get things done in this community. 
...and we have fun doing it !!
You are welcome to visit us as our guest to learn more about our fun organization.
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